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Why choose me as your vocal coach

Free Meeting With The Best Vocal Coach In Stockholm

If you’re not looking for “just a voice class”, but for a reliable mentor, someone to give you clarity among all the information out there, someone who is accountable about your goals and the strategy to reach them, then you’re in the right place.

There was a time when I used to struggle daily with my voice, like maybe you're doing right now. 
I felt I could do much more, like if my real voice was just hidden somewhere inside me, but I couldn't find the access to that place. 

Does it ring a bell?

After several "unfortunate encounters", with singing teachers who were causing me a loss of enthusiasm along with poor results, I experienced on my skin countless methods out there, and finally did overcome my issues, experiencing an unbelievable range extension and a dramatic change in the quality of my overall singing. That's when I clearly felt my calling: utterly convinced that everybody has a beautiful voice, when they are properly led to discover it, and that everybody can learn to sing when they find the right instructor, I decided to be that person: the one who concretly helps people to find out their real voice, release their inner potential, and feel good! 

As a result of that experience, I developed my own method, based on truly effective patterns and workouts, along with accurate and continuos updating.

Remember, if you cannot sing right now, this doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to.

 If your singing voice doesn’t sound nice at the moment, this doesn’t mean you actually have a bad voice.

If you have specific issues you cannot overcome, like limited vocal range, poor pitch, and such, this doesn’t mean that there’s no solution.

This only means that you need to learn how to use your voice, just like any other musical instrument.

I can help you. Concretely.

Ready for your vocal journey?

Let's talk about singing!