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Röstcoach, sånglärare, sångpedagog. Förbättra din sång. Verkligt effektiv metod för vuxna röster.

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From your very first vocalisation to a confident and engaging performance.


What My Students Say

The following are just a few selection of real reviews I receive every day.

Linnea Eriksson
I tried voice lessons with several teachers before, but my voice was like stuck, and I was on the verge of giving up with singing. Luckily I gave it another shot when a friend of mine recommended Sweden Vocal Lab, and I started to see improvements from the very first lessons. I still cannot believe how my voice has changed in a few months, everything comes so easy and natural now. Trust me, if you try lessons with Tiziana, you'll never go back. Highly recommended.
John Lindström
It's the most amazing experience of a lifetime! Im hooked! Tiziana is a amazing person that explains singing in a way that makes it graspable for the novice and as well for the more experienced singer! If your planning on getting a vocal coach Tiziana is the one to get!
Great vocal lessons and wonderful experiences!!!! Learned a lot and had the interesting time with Tiziana! I will definitely continue the lessons.
Fredrik Lundqvist
Since I've been singing for 25 years with no training, I had no intention to taking lessons. Eventually a friend of mine convinced me to try with Tiziana, he was so happy with her lessons that I got curious. Well, I've learned so many things about my voice I didn't even imagine. So worth it, will certainly continue.
Vicky Opal Cuc
Tiziana is a really cool and prepared teacher, she's motivating and very good in explaining a new technique with the right choice of words and examples so that anyone could understand and feel at ease trying new possibilities and exploring new frontiers. I really think that anyone could find help, advice and advantage in following her lessons, both beginners and already trained singers, professional or just music and singing lovers. By experience I say the that it is very important to have a great teachers because when you learn something wrong it is hard to change habits and she is one of them, a great vocal coach.

About me

Why choose me

Your voice is like “caught” somewhere, but you cannot get it out?
Feel you have no control over your singing, like it was at the mercy of chance?
All of this is about to end: I know exactly how to help you.

Background and Method

My name in Tiziana Tinti. I’m a professional vocal coach from Italy, with 25 years of experience on stage as a lead vocalist and over 15 in teaching voice. Specialised in adult voices. Practical and fast approach method.