Vocal Coach Of The Year 2023 Tiziana Tinti Svl
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This is Tiziana, nice to meet you! I was born in Italy in 1976, and raised there until 2018, when I moved to Stockholm.

Music has always been an important part of my life: after 5 years of piano lessons, I attended voice classes for 10 years, before specializing in vocal pedagogy, which I’ve been studing for other 10 years and will likely pursue throughout my whole life.

At a young age, I took part in several projects as a lead vocalist, mainly with rock and metal bands, for about 15 years. Over the years though, my yearning for “on-stage adrenaline” left more and more room to the pleasure of teaching and to the fulfillment of seeing students’ improvements. I therefore chose to pursue a career in voice pedagogy, with the honor of studying with some of the top Vocal Coaches from Italy, Argentina, UK, and US.

I offer my services to singers, actors and public speakers, from beginners up to professionals. I’ve also been working with well known artists on the preparation of their performances at major tv shows, tours, and recordings.

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