vocal retraining stockholm

Every voice expert should be able to work in collaboration with artistic phoniatrists and speech therapists, to ensure an integrated and comprehensive approach in managing clients' vocal issues. In particular, in cases of functional dysphonia, which are caused by incorrect use of one's voice, retraining with a vocal coach is crucial. It helps singers and actors learn to use their instrument efficiently and healthily, resolving numerous issues associated with improper usage, and preventing potential future relapses.

A singer is a vocal athlete, and the vocal coach is their partner who optimize their voice usage maintaining its health.

Imagine being an athlete constantly experiencing back pain. While it’s necessary to treat the inflammation with a doctor, to regain the ability to train and compete, if the back pain is a result of incorrect movements during your sports practice, the only way to achieve long-term well-being would be to learn how to perform those movements correctly with the guidance of an expert trainer. By addressing the root cause of the pain and adopting proper techniques, you not only alleviate the back pain but also greatly enhance your overall sports performance. The same principle applies to singing.

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