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About singing and voice classes

Online tutorials address literally to everyone watching. But here’s the point: all voices are different from one another, and even if apparently there are common issues to handle, the reasons behind those issues are often different and even opposite from singer to singer. I.E. not hitting high notes, could be due either to an improper breathing management, or an excessive abdominal pushing, as well as to a poor posture or vocal hypertonicity. That means that – even if some vocal issues look similar – the causes varie from case to case and must be assessed by an expert and addressed in the proper way; a generic advice might be spot-on for someone, but counterproductive or even potentially harmful for someone else instead. A vocal coach must be able to assess YOUR peculiar characteristics and prepare a precise and concrete path for YOUR voice.

In brief, among all the information out there, what you might need is a tutor, someone who leads you through the discover of your voice day after day, who is accountable on results and on the strategy to reach them. This is something that no tutorial will ever offer you.

You know for sure this is an individual thing. BUT I can tell you this: whatever class you’re attending, RUN AWAY if you have not seen ANY improvements for months.

Whether you’re more or less talented, on the premise that you’re practicing at home as required, it’s not your fault if you don’t find any benefit out of your lessons. Think about this: what happens when a football team don’t perform well (relating to their category, of course)? First, their coach get dismissed.

This has got nothing to do with the professionality of the coach. I´m not saying the coach is not good. But what I’m suggesting here is that the pair team-coach could be not a good fit.

If you’re in this situation, the best choice is to get away, before losing your enthusiasm or your self-confidence. Before blaming yourself or deciding you’re not cut for singing, give yourself another chance and consider to try a different approach.
A few lessons will be enough to find the first benefits, but you’ll need to practice, just like you would when learning any other instrument.

Please believe that shortcuts and magic words don’t exist, but effective methods do. Just believe in yourself and take the time for your passion!

How many people try to sing a few songs (often very hard ones) and just give up thinking they’re not much of a singer. Unfortunatly we’re surrounded by die-hard misconceptions, telling that you were either born talented or were not, without possibility of change, leading you to believe that – if you’re not good in singing since the first time – it simply means that you cannot sing at all.

But think about this: your voice is a musical instrument, an amazing and complex one. You would’t expect from anyone to play a Sonata on the piano without previously learning how to actually play the piano, would you? So why do you have those high expectations from your voice?

Though it’s true that you can be more or less gifted, there could be so many different reasons why you don’t hit the pitch or you sound “bad”. And all these reasons can be summed up in this: YOU JUST DON’T KNOW HOW TO USE YOUR VOICE YET. And this is exactly what good voice lessons are for! So, if you like singing, give yourself a chance and try one lesson,  release yourself and enjoy it. Worst case, you’ll be learning something new about your voice and have a good time, though I bet that something as beautiful as unexpected will come of it. I’m sure it will be worth it.

Would you ever expect an athlete not to train or a musician not to practice his musical instrument?
If you’re talented, you might want to nurture your gift. You might have perfect pitch, a good sense of rythm, a wide range… but aren’t you curious to find out where your skills can get you?
Have you ever wonder why the greatest singers in the world still have a vocal coach of reference? Of course they don’t need to learn how to sing. But, since our musical instrument is part of our body, it must be kept trained (and no, singing loud your tunes or performing is not training, the same way competitions are not athletic preparation for sporting activities). Your vocal tract must be kept healthy, in order to perform at its best. If you’re not sure whether yours is an healthy technique, if you feel hoarseness or tickle in your throat after a performance, you might want to fix it before hurting your vocal folds. Also, singing lessons are not only about vocal technique. In fact, technique is just a means by which we get to express our artistry, and during the lessons is important to explore all the aspects  that make up a good singer. There’s always room for improvement, for everyone at every level.

Though it’s true that autotune can fix false notes, it definitely cannot turn a bad singer into a good one. Singing is just so much more than pitch! It is a genuine form of expression, of communication, of reaching out to the audience and creating a feeling, a mutual response. Vocal control and support, tone and range, musical phrasing, stage presence all play into how performers express themselves to the audience. Being a good singer also means you get to access those hidden parts of your soul, take those feelings and share them with your listener. To be able to express yourself fully, you need to manage your voice in all its shades.
Once you start doing this and seeing the improvement, your passion for singing will increase, and you’ll see there’s a whole world beyond the sheer pitch.