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Specific for adults (18+)

singing lessons stockholm truly effective

feel Your voice like "caught" somewhere, but you cannot get it out?

willing to extend range, improve vocal pitch and tone?

Unhappy with self-training and tutorials?

I can help you.
For real.

Go from "just curious" to confident singer

What you get since the first time

Highly specialised classes

Learn how voice works from a scientific, demostrable perspective. Perceive movements of muscles involved in the sound emission, and get to use your musical instrument to produce the desired sound. Apply vocal technique to real tunes right from the start.

Customized lesson plan

Every student have their personal file with voice assessment, training plan, goals, progress monitoring.

Valuable time only for you

Professional but friendly environment, with a warm atmosphere to get away from your everyday life. A corner where only your voice and your soul count.

Routine plan to practice at home

Piano recording of the exercises seen during the lesson, to practice at home

Support between lessons

Additional support to clarify possible doubts that may arise during the home practice. Feedback on student’s recordings, by email or WhatsApp.

No upper age limit!


...but you´ve always been told you just cannot, or you're disappointed by previous classes


...willing to start an exciting journey, escape from everyday's routine or just curious to find out if singing is for you


...ready to take a step forward, and find out how far you can go

Are you a seasoned singer?

this might interest you

Soundproof studio in Stockholm

Personal mic cover

singing safe. sanitized microphones.

At the first lesson you’re given a personal mic windscreen, for your very own use at every following lessons.

Besides, microphones are disinfected with alcohol-based sanitizer every day.

Also, a minimum gap of 10 minutes is always set between two lessons to allow air exchange

Ready for your vocal journey?

Curious to know more?