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Nowadays everybody can sing with Autotune, so who needs voice lessons anymore?

Though it’s true that autotune can fix false notes, it definitely cannot turn a bad singer into a good one. Singing is just so much more than pitch! It is a genuine form of expression, of communication, of reaching out to the audience and creating a feeling, a mutual response. Vocal control and support, tone and range, musical phrasing, stage presence all play into how performers express themselves to the audience. Being a good singer also means you get to access those hidden parts of your soul, take those feelings and share them with your listener. To be able to express yourself fully, you need to manage your voice in all its shades.
Once you start doing this and seeing the improvement, your passion for singing will increase, and you’ll see there’s a whole world beyond the sheer pitch.

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About me

My name is Tiziana, I’m a professional vocal coach and voice teacher from Italy. After more then 15 years in voice teaching, I moved to Stockholm, where I founded my Sweden Vocal Lab studio. I’m specialised in adults’ vocalities, and “taught” cases.