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I already sing pretty well. Do I need a vocal coach anyway?

Would you ever expect an athlete not to train or a musician not to practice his musical instrument?
If you’re talented, you might want to nurture your gift. You might have perfect pitch, a good sense of rythm, a wide range… but aren’t you curious to find out where your skills can get you?
Have you ever wonder why the greatest singers in the world still have a vocal coach of reference? Of course they don’t need to learn how to sing. But, since our musical instrument is part of our body, it must be kept trained (and no, singing loud your tunes or performing is not training, the same way competitions are not athletic preparation for sporting activities). Your vocal tract must be kept healthy, in order to perform at its best. If you’re not sure whether yours is an healthy technique, if you feel hoarseness or tickle in your throat after a performance, you might want to fix it before hurting your vocal folds. Also, singing lessons are not only about vocal technique. In fact, technique is just a means by which we get to express our artistry, and during the lessons is important to explore all the aspects  that make up a good singer. There’s always room for improvement, for everyone at every level.

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About me

My name is Tiziana, I’m a professional vocal coach and voice teacher from Italy. After more then 15 years in voice teaching, I moved to Stockholm, where I founded my Sweden Vocal Lab studio. I’m specialised in adults’ vocalities, and “taught” cases.