Background & Method

Top 5 Vocal Coaches in Stockholm and Sweden

Who I am

My name is Tiziana Tinti

I was born in Italy in 1976 and raised there until 2018, when I moved to Stockholm.

Music has always been an important part of my life: after 5 years of piano lessons, I attended voice classes for 10 years, before specializing in vocal pedagogy, which I’ve been studing for other 10 years and will pursue throughout my life.

At a young age, I took part in several projects as a lead vocalist, mainly with rock and metal bands, for about 15 years. Over the years though, my yearning for “on-stage adrenaline” left more and more room to the pleasure of teaching and to the fulfillment of seeing students’ improvements. I therefore decided to attend at comprehensive and thorough vocational trainings for voice teachers and several other pedagogy classes, held by some of the top Vocal Coaches in the World, from Italy, UK and US.  I firmly believe in the importance of a lifelong learning, that’s why I still attend at training courses throughout the year.

My Studies

The following is just a short list of the main classes I attended:

VMS by Loretta Martinez (Italy – Voice pedagogy school for modern vocalities, vocal technique, interpretation, stage presence), EVT Estill Voice Training lev. 1, 2, advanced (Italy) with Francesco Mecorio (Professor at Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts), Loredana Arcuri (Italy – Bel Canto technique), London College of Music (Pop music), Centro Internacional de la Voz Laura Neira (Argentina – Functional re-education of misused and dysphonic voices), Prof. Enrico di Lorenzo (Italy – Extreme and unconventional vocalities). Currently attending at the prestigious EMT class (Estill Master Teacher), boasting the presence of Anne Marie Speed (Royal Academy of Music).

Teaching method

As a result of a costant evolution in vocal studies, it is essential for vocal trainers to keep up to date on new scientific findings and their following applications on vocality.

My training system reflects my whole background, with a strong awareness of vocal anatomy, blending the most modern and established methods with hints of the golden italian Bel Canto. 

This is my own recipe to effectively achieve healthy and concrete progress.



Scientific outlook

Since voice is an internal instrument, we cannot control it by the sight, but we still can control it by getting aware and experience how it actually works.



Fuss-free & Practical

Cut to the chase, and start applying vocal technique on actual songs right from the start, and see your improvements firsthand. Practice tunes in ANY LANGUAGE you prefer.



Unleash your voice

Get access to your full vocal capabilities: widen vocal range, smoothen passage of register, enhance overall tone and much more.


final results

Express yourself

When you overcome barriers, technique gets at the service of your artistry. Convey your emotions, giving your unique rendition of songs.