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Here's just a short selection of my studies in voice and vocal pedagogy:

- Professional Training Course in Didactics of Voice at VMS by Loretta Martinez
- EVT Estill Voice Training: lev. 1, 2, Preparation for EMT certification (Estill Master Teacher), Advanced Belting and Mixed Voice technique
- Bel Canto technique with prof.ssa Loredana Arcuri
- Functional re-education and treatment of misused voices, nodules, and dysphonic voices at Centro Internacional de la Voz Laura Neira
- Growl, Scream, and extreme vocalities, with Prof. Enrico di Lorenzo

MY own RECipe

As a result of a costant evolution in research, it is essential for voice professionals, coaches, and teachers to keep up to date on new scientific findings and their applications on vocality.

My pedagogical approach reflects my whole background, blending some of the most modern and established models, with a strong influence of Estill Voice Training, a lot of experience "on the job", and a natural pragmatism.

This is my own recipe to effectively achieve healthy and concrete progress.

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