I’m over 30/40/50 years old. Is it too late to start singing lessons at my age?

The answer is pretty simple.
✅ Does singing make you feel good?
✅Would you like a moment only for yourself, away from your daily routine?
✅Would you like to look at yourself from a different perspective?
Taking time for singing will make you feel fulfilled and gratified. It has got nothing to do with proving or showcasing anything to others. Just enjoy the pleasure of doing something for yourself.
No doubt, it’s never too late to treat yourself with moments of well-being!
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About me

My name is Tiziana, I’m a professional vocal coach and voice teacher from Italy. After more then 15 years in voice teaching, I moved to Stockholm, where I founded my Sweden Vocal Lab studio. I’m specialised in adults’ vocalities, and “taught” cases.